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Explore the labyrinthine old town and the Basilica di San Nicola.

TRANI is dominated by a glorious, bleached-out Romanesque cathedral.


Only here have trulli strayed from country to town. In the quartieri known as Monti and Aia Piccola there are whole streets of them, rising in neat terraces. The fabric of the trulli is now protected by UNESCO.


Under Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II, between 1220 and 1250, the region became a crossroads between the Roman Catholic Byzantine and Arab worlds. The emperor himself was a poet, a philosopher, and the author of a treatise on falconry. During his reign, castles were built, or repaired, all over southern Italy to defend the Kingdom of Sicily from its many enemies. But Castel del Monte, the most memorable and iconic, was not built to defend anything. Nobody ever lived here and there is no town or strategic crossroads nearby.


Lecce has been called the ‘Florence of the baroque’, more than 40 churches and at least as many noble palazzi were built or renovated here between the middle of the 17th century and the end of the 18th to create one of the most unified urban landscapes in Italy. It is a relaxed place; the locals sit outside bars such as Pasticceria Alvino in piazza Sant’Oronzo, sipping iced coffee with almond syrup (latte di mandorla, an eminently southern soft drink), or they window-shop along corso Vittorio Emanuele.


The cathedral has a 12th-century mosaic floor of the ‘tree of life’, intertwining Norman, Greek and Byzantine ideas of fate.


Ostuni is also called the White City because of the low houses and narrow streets characterized by limestone rocks. The narrow streets and staircases of the old town are filled in history but also full of local and shops that enliven the nightlife. Ostuni and its countryside house also several Masserias, ancient farmhouses typical in Southern Italy. Many were abandoned in the late 19th or 20th century, but luckily a lot of them have been snapped up, restored, and turned into wonderful accommodations.


This circular, whitewashed town has views over the trulli-peppered Valle d’Itria, and excellent wines.

There are also beatiful places like Troia, Lucera


Here are some Salentine delicacies to look for:

Frisella: A crunchy, dry bread baked in a stone oven with a drop of olive oil. Friselle are one of Puglia’s most famous, and practical, foods: They’ve been around for centuries, since the fact that they can be stored for many months made them perfect for long journeys. Dip this versatile bread in salt water for a more distinct taste and a softer consistency!

Taralli: Think of them as Italy’s answer to the pretzel. Small and circular, these crackers make for a wonderful snack… especially alongside a glass of Pugliese wine! Try them savory—made with flavors like fennel, black peppercorns or poppy seeds—or sweet, with white wine and sugar.

Pizzette: Miniature pizzas topped with fresh cherry tomatoes, pizzette are a delicious snack to enjoy from a gorgeous beach in Puglia.

Puccia: A sandwich made of pizza dough stuffed with meats, cheeses, and/or vegetables, this is another traditional on-the-go snack in Puglia.

Orecchiette: Literally meaning “small ears” in Italian, this homemade, ear-shaped pasta is usually served with cime di rapa (broccoli rabe) and garlic, or fresh tomatoes and ricotta cheese. The shape is ideal for soaking up any delicious sauce!

Sagne ‘ncannulate: long, spiraled pasta that resembles the twisting and swirling architecture in Lecce—especially when it’s served up, as per tradition, with a tomato and cheese sauce.

Baccalà alla salentina: This traditional dish of Puglia and the Salento takes dried and salted cod to the next level. It’s sprinkled with breadcrumbs, pecorino cheese and fresh tomato, then baked in the oven with potatoes to a golden crisp.

Sott’olio: “Sott’olio” describes a particularly Pugliese method for preserving produce. Local vegetables like eggplant, artichokes, onions and peppers are jarred with extra virgin olive oil and vinegar, letting them keep for months at a time… and making for the perfect appetizer when they are ready!

Pasticciotto: The outside of this dessert may just look like a flaky crust. But take a bite for the surprise: a creamy custard filling, made even sweeter with black cherries!

Zeppole: Also known as “St. Joseph’s pastries, this sweet Salentine treat is served on Father’s Day throughout Italy. You can personalize your zeppole by choosing between fried, or baked, sugar-coated pastry dough… and then filling it with cream, chocolate, or even both!

Vinello: In Salento, wine isn’t just a drink served with dinner… it’s something to be celebrated! Every year on November 11, the peninsula comes together to taste the fruits of their labor for this harvest’s wine (vino novello)—and to open bottles from the previous year in honor of Saint Martin.


  • Vino Aleatico di Puglia

  • Vino Alezio

  • Vino Brindisi

  • Cacc’è mmitte di Lucera

  • Vino Castel del Monte

  • Vino di Copertino

  • Vino Gioia del Colle

  • Vino Gravina

  • Vino di Leverano

  • Vino di Lizzano

  • Vino di Locorotondo

  • Vino di Martina Franca

  • Vino di Matino

  • Vino Moscato di Trani

  • Vino di Nardò

  • Vino di Ostuni

  • Vino Primitivo di Manduria

  • Vino Rosso di Barletta

  • Vino Rosso di Canosa

  • Vino di Galatina

  • Vino di Squinzano

  • Vino Rosso di Cerignola

  • Vino Salice Salentino

  • Vino di San Severo

  • Vino di Ortanova

Grand Canyon and Sedona

Per mangiare ottime le birre e il cibo locale buonissimo messicano ottimo per una colazione prima di un hike (hanno piu di 100 tipi di omellettes)
Per qualsiasi info sugli hiking andate alla hike house, il ragazzo ‘e gentilissimo e vi spieghera tutto. Diciamo pero che il livello delle camminate e’ abbastanza abbordabile se non facile e lui in generale tende un po a impaurire le persone, penso per evitare che persone inesperte si facciano male.

Noi abbiamo fatto il bear mountain trail (piu esigente) e l oak creek canyon (una bella passeggiata), ma ce ne sono moltissimi!!!

Grand Canyon

Per il soggiorno ti consiglio Tusayan alle porte dell’entrata del lato sud del Grand Canyon oppure se vuoi qualcosa di meno turistico Williams (a circa 60 km) dall’entrata sud. Tusayan è comodo perché è molto vicino all’entrata e all’inizio dei percorsi, ma è una piccola fabbrica per turisti. Invece Williams è il tipico paesino americano (sulla route 66), il niente in mezzo al niente… Ma tipico della zona. A Williams fanno i più buoni “cinammon rolls” degli USA.
Per quanto riguarda le escursioni ce ne sono di tutti i tipi. Io e Simone abbiamo fatto diversi percorsi del lato Sud, e non conosco quelli del lato nord. Da non perdere sono il Kaibab trail, volendo si può arrivare al fiume Colorado e risalire per il lato Nord. Sconsigliatissimo da fare in un giorno soprattutto d’estate. Nel caso voleste arrivare fino al Colorado dovreste o dotarvi di sacco a pelo, prenotare un backpacking permission per dormire nel canyon  e risalire la mattina, oppure prenotare al Phantom Ranch. Io e Simone abbiamo fatto solo una parte del Kaibab, in una giornata, senza il pernottamento. È fantastico comunque, soprattutto quando ti avvicini al fiume Colorado. L’altro trail da non perdere è l’ “hermit trail”, inizialmente non sembra spettacolare ma poi…
Il più conosciuto e frequentato, almeno nella prima parte, è il “Bright Angel Trail”, se avete tempo potete fare pure questo, sicuramente non resterete delusi.
Rientrando a Vegas, potete passare per Page, cittadina inquietante con strade di sole chiese, ma con almeno tre cose da vedere: la Glen Dam, Horseshoe Bend e l’Antelope Canyon. Per l’Antelope Canyon ci sono dei tours guidati e potete fare le tre cose in una giornata.
Mi raccomando portata tanta acqua durante le escursioni!!! A settembre farà ancora caldo.


BAR /Restaurant
qst link ha tutti i bar di karlsruhe o piu o meno

ti consiglio tra questi
Café Bleu
Café Emaille
Café Zero
Multi Kulti
Wirtshaus Wolfbräu

hoepfener Burghof REALLY NICE the restaurant near oxford cafe

Großer Kurfürst

la tegola  italian restaurant

Pfälzer Weinhäusle‎

dancing Die Stadtmitte

poi per guardare cosa fanno di speciale concerti etc guarda qui

Swimming (la piscina di 50m)
qui le info anche con i freibäder le piscine all aperto
2 swimming pool near KIT campus nord

Theatre el jazz club en ettlingen



VIa dei Tribunali
Decumano maggiore (San Gregorio Armeno)
Santa Chiara
archeological site decumano maggiore
Via dei Tribunali (chiesa delle 7 opere della misericordia (caravaggio) )
Castel sant ELMO
Castel dell OVO
Pzza Plebiscito
Maschio Angioino
Mergellina, Parco letterario Virgilio and Leopardi
CAPODIMONTE (collezione farnese)
VIa Toledo (shopping)

-Via San Gregorio Armeno (If you want to see really all about the Neapolitan Crib, the “presepe”, you should definitely visit this street, you can find here also a lot of souvenirs)

Via Chiaia

Galleria Umberto I

Napoli sotterranea
Museo archeologico

Alternative tour

piedigrotta con la tomba di leopardi e virgilio, donna regina, san domenico maggiore, le sette opere della misericordia, napoli sotterranea, rione sanità con catacombe Basilica di Santa Maria della Sanità
for eating
da Michele (pizza napoletana) or da CIRO in front
al 53 (pzza dante)
ANTICA PASTICCERIA NAPOLETANA corso novara (I found a video ahah

Gran Caffe Gambrinus historical cafe

and then absolutely

CAPRI- ANACAPRI (i have a lot of hiking tour)


A saber

para pedir Agua: Une caraffe d’eau

alcol: mirar siempre el precio de la cerveza (esta en general a la entrada marcado en una tabla)

mirar para comer la pagina:

A comer:

croque Monsieur

croque Madame

Hachis Parmentier



la carne en general esta muy buena


y todo lo que es quiche, croissant tambien

A ver


Le quartier du Marais

Place des Vosges|+4th+arrondissement,&ll=48.855482,2.366395&spn=0.007723,0.021136&hnear=Place+des+Vosges,+75004+Paris,+France&gl=es&t=m&z=16

Canal St Martin

Le 19ème arrondissement (la Butte Bergeyre, Buttes Chaumont, quartier de la Mouzaïa)

La Tour Montparnasse


Les 8ème et 7èmes arrondissements

Montmartre (ir desde Abbesses)

Parc du Luxembourg




here u can find all the information
without car
I recomend to visit ERICE
and taking a boat to FAVIGNANA or one of the other island (levanzo and marettimo)

with car by priority with stars

ETNA*** if you want to hike from north front go with Etna walking great organization
but honestly sicily is so beautiful that it s a shame puting stars
for eating
i recommend trattoria da felice
where they make a fantastic couscous (patrizia and mario are very nice and maybe they still remember us)

and for the pizza this is an amazing restaurant

in Palermo
in Agrigento L’ambasciata di sicilia
lido zabbara in selinunte




  • CAVATAPPI (baccalà mantecato and frittura di verdure)
  • Cantinone Già Schiavi (pesce crudo, panini con soppressata, polpette, baccalà mantecato, sarde in saor)
  • Cantina Do’ Mori (order a spritz and a “Francobollo”, homemade sandwitch with affettato (cold cuts), gorgonzola e radicchio; carciofi al sale e le melanzane alla parmigiana)
  • ALLA VEDOVA (polpette di carne)


what to eat in venezia

  • Baccalà mantecato

  • Bigoli in salsa

  • Sarde in saor

  • Spaghetti con vongole

  • Nero di seppia

  • Fritto misto

  • Fegato alla Veneziana

  • Risi e bisi


A part the normal spots here some recommendations

Here is a good webpage  i think

The Ghetto of venice really deserve a stop (is the most ancient ghetto in the world)

If you dont want to spend a fortune with the GONDOLA for a few euro you can take a traghetto ferries (gondola style boat), more info here,


In italy if you take a coffee and you seat they are going to charge you more (generally italian are taking cappuccino and coffee standing at the bar)

 In venice particularly is a tourist trap, there are a lot of places where you can go and are really cheap, but others where they really try to steal your money.


If you want to go to Padova here is a link to visit the city in one day

enjoy and if you have any problem just call me!



Important to know 🙂

In the north of italy people are doing the APERITIVO (especially in veneto region) which mean that you can go in a bar where you generally pay a drink 5 euro and you can eat as much as you can (its similar to tapas concept in spain).




  • Osteria del Bugiardo. Corso Porta Borsari 17. Aperitivo veronese per eccellenza con tanti prodotti tipici.

  • Locandina Cappello. Via Cappello 16. Semplicemente romantico.

  • SignorVino. Corso Porta Nuova 2. Ricercato (in senso buono, ovviamente).

  • Osteria Caffè Monte Baldo. Via Rosa 12. Molto molto goloso.

  • Casa Mazzanti Caffè. Piazza delle Erbe. Un aperitivo nel salotto buono della città.

  • Via Roma 33 Cafe. Via Roma 33. Aperitivo con vista su Castelvecchio.

  • Il Banco. Via Ponte Nuovo 7. Sorprendentemente alternativo.

  • Tapasotto. Galleria Pellicciai. Prodotti locali e tapas.

  • Cappa Cafe. Piazzetta Bra Molinari. Belli l’ambiente e l’atmosfera.

  • Caffe Barbarani





what to eat in verona:

  • risotto al tastasal (risotto with sausage dressing) or risotto with radicchio (risotto with a typical salad of Treviso often eaten here as well),

  • pastisada de caval (horse meat pasticcio),

  • polenta (sort of thick porridge made with maize flour) with cheese or mushrooms on the top, and different lake fish.

  • As sweets they have: baci di Giulietta (Juliet’s kisses), Pandoro of Verona (type of sponge cake eaten at Christmas), zaletti (biscuits), and castagnaccio (made of chestnut flour).



I think this webpage in english has interesting itineraries


Super parcours de reference dans le centre-ville de Torino:

Piazza Solferino

Via pietro micca

Via Po (la plus celebre gelateria de Torino se trouve ici: a ne pas rate le parfum GINADUIA)

Piazza castello avec le magnifique Palazzo madama

Piazza vittorio emanuele

Eglise de la Gran Madre et d’ici le long du PO


Sur la parcours a ne pas rater, le musée national du cinéma, situé dans la Mole, la tour symbole de Turin :

si vous faites 1 musée je vous conseille celui-ci, très beau aussi pour les enfants.


Aussi Via Roma (qui part en face la gare de train Porta Nuova) mérite une visite et le musée « Museo Egizio » n’est pas loin :



Il quadrilatero Romano, endorit superbe:


Pour les restos, moins de choses à dire car à Turin je n’avais pas un rond (etudiant J).

J’ai récemment essaie la pizzeria Amici Miei, recommandée par des copains qui vivent sur place :

Je l’ai trouvé excellente!


Reccomande aussi Da Crio, en Corso Vinzaglio :


A cote de Torino, si possible à ne pas rater:


Pavillon de chasse de Stupinigi:



Basilica di Superga :



Depuis Torino on a access facile au Lago Maggiore et je conseille de loger a Arona ou Stresa.

De là on visite facilement diffèrent endroits du Lac.




Úna specialita belga sono le frites ecco dove andare
place jourdan, Chez antoine
place Flagey
visitare in un giorno difficile ma ecco i posti piu belli
grand place, place de jeu de bal,,sablon (marcolini a place du sablon vende il miglior cioccolato della citta), le cinquantenaire,atomium..Anche place du chatelain et sainte catherine (molti bar e risto carini). A natale a Ste catherine ci saranno i mercatini
tervuren,bois de la cambre
Musée Magritte Museum e’ in centro vale la pena:
Musée Royal de l’Afrique Centrale :
Musée Royal de l’Armée et d’Histoire Militaire :
Musée des Instruments de Musique :
Musée d’Art Moderne :
Jardin Botanique National de Belgique :

se vi interessa 😉