First day

-Kyoto Museum of Traditional Crafts (because you told me you were interested

Then take a bus


– Ginkaku-ji (going to the entrance you will pass a street full of shops)

Then you can take a walk to the philosopher path and take a bus back to the hotel (temple and museum will be close around 16:30)


Second Day

From my point of view if you have one entire day from Kyoto you should really go to Nara

Look below

Other option Kurama (you can take a direct train from Sanjo to Kurama)

Or Arashiyama (take the metro to Ninjo station and the train to Arashiyama)

Third Day

I would stay in Kyoto and visit first the Imperial Palace (I think they speed up the process check here

if you can and then go to the Fushimi Inari Shrine

If you still have time go to the Nishiki Market

To feel a bit Kyoto life



Sunday and Friday can be inverted!!!



Beside your hotel there is a lawson: suggestions for a quick lunch take the rise triangles –

and sweets



In front of your hotel

Also nice

Kyoto specialties


Of course from my point of view first time in japan you should try a lot of dishes ahha look here

For me you should at least try sushi, tempura or typical japanese dinner like this


With the sushi order always a miso soup and remember the ginger is at the end to wash your mouth 🙂 and put just a bit of soya!

And of course dont forget the sake cold and hot!!!!